- Principal Investigator -

Gang Cheng
Associate Professor
email: gancheng@uic.edu
Phone: 312-413-7672
Fax: 312-996-0808
Office: Engineering Innovation Building 254
University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL 60607

Welcome to the Laboratory for Biomaterials!

The Biomaterials Laboratory is located in the Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Illinois at Chicago.  Our lab is focusing on designing and developing materials to address some key challenges in biomedical and biotech applications. We are particularly interested in the study of biomaterials for the delivery of therapeutic drugs, the injectable cell delivery, and the control of biofilm. In addition, we also seek to understand the self-assembly of long peptide amphiphiles. Our research is highly multidisciplinary in nature, and it covers chemical & molecular engineering, protein engineering, polymer, materials science and nanotechnology.

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